"That's not our demographic."

My name is Nancy Upton. I'm a size 12 and wanted to show American Apparel my fresh face (and full figure). My good friend Shannon Skloss came over to take some "booty-ful" photos of me...but I just couldn't stop eating.

I came in first place in the AA 'Next BIG Thing' contest, but won't be modeling for the company any time soon.

You can find me on Twitter: @Nancyupton
Or email: nancyupton@gmail.com


Hi, how was your weekend?

Oh, that sounds pretty fun. Mine? It was pretty good. 

How’s the dog? He’s good.

Oh, and before you ask- no, I haven’t heard anything. :)

A few people responded that they were very disappointed with my link to the Barstool Sports page. Let me clarify- by saying, “that’s totally cool,” I meant that they are allowed to have their own opinions, not that I was endorsing their message. I think it’s pretty obvious how I’d feel about that post.

Some REALLY interesting articles are starting to pop up. I feel like some of the sensationalism is starting to wear off and people are really considering the moral/social ramifications of the situation. 

(Apologies if there are any repeat links, I’m trying to sort through what’s new and has original content.)

Dangerous Minds Interview

Alice Jones piece from The Independent

MetaFilter (huge thread)


Confessions from a Changing Room Floor



Invest in Your Chest



Mama Mia

Ethical Style

ABC…Norway? I think? Is that a thing?

Celebrities With Diseases


The Daily What

Curvy Girl Revolution


And this one, because someone photoshopped pictures of me with a giant honeybee and on a video camera screen:

Bee Yourself!

"AAAAGGGGHHH NO, NOT THE BEES!" I hope everyone has an excellent Monday. Trust me- if I hear anything, you’ll be the first to know. 

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