"That's not our demographic."

My name is Nancy Upton. I'm a size 12 and wanted to show American Apparel my fresh face (and full figure). My good friend Shannon Skloss came over to take some "booty-ful" photos of me...but I just couldn't stop eating.

I came in first place in the AA 'Next BIG Thing' contest, but won't be modeling for the company any time soon.

You can find me on Twitter: @Nancyupton
Or email: nancyupton@gmail.com

Monday, AMIRITE?

It’s technically Monday already. Jeez.

So, I’m officially done doing “Round-Up” posts for the time being. There’s just a little too much coverage going on to be able to handle it. Plus, everybody here is in the loop, right?

You guys are the coolest.

I will link to Feast of Fun, if not just for the incredible banner they made of my photos, then because these guys made me laugh until I almost peed. As far as saying American Apparel and I are “kissing and making up”…I think it’s a good estimation to say I’ll do no kissing while in LA, certainly not on company property. Because we all know how that turns out.

There might be a bit of radio silence over the next few days as I get my ducks in a row for the L.A. trip, but I plan on doing quite a bit of writing/blogging while there, and after Monday, I should have LOTS to talk about. If anybody has any fun, secret L.A. stuff going on, please send me an email, because I know nothing about the city. Also, if you see me, please run up and start talking to me and then I can pretend to wave you away like I’m famous and important. People watching will be like, “Wow, she’s a real bitch!” Then you and I will run around the corner and laugh about fooling people and drink sodas together. 

(When I write L.A. should I put the two periods in, or just write it without them? Which is the way the cool kids do it? I feel like if I type LA people will think I’m talking about Louisiana. Should I even worry about this? I just desperately need to feel hip.)

One of my friends has started teasing me by pretending to be my promoting my blog (which I hope I don’t do too much outside of the internet, because you don’t want to be THAT guy). He’s like, “OMG DID YOU READ MY BLOG? I’M NANCY UPTON DID YOU READ MY BLOG?” Actually I’m sort of writing this now to see if he does read my blog. 

I bet he doesn’t.

What a jerk. (Nah, I pretty much love him.)

I got a really great poem from Leyna, whose blog you can visit here. She agreed to let me post it, which I will do now!

An Open Letter to American Apparel, RE: the next BIG model search fiasco
By Leyna Rynearson

Dear American Apparel,

This must have been a hard week for your ego.

Being the subject of an international discussion about the “right” way to expand your empire

to include the expansive,


let’s just say, I bet Alexander the Great

has some stories about elephants

that ruined his good name, too.

How were you to know that

we women of substance -

meaning, in your lexicon,

we women who wear anything over a size six -

are filled with brains in here,

are filled with feelings

and thoughts

and mirror-retinas that reflect through your search for

the next BIG thing.

Why does big matter in my beautiful?

Why do I have to be a thing to matter?

American Apparel -

I do not find offense in puns,
but the implication in your search for someone who’s
is that my booty
detracts from my ability
to be just

I am comfortable with my bulges,

But I was there when April Flores asked
showroom representative Maggie
about the possibility of a plus-size line and was told,

"That’s not our demographic."

You’re right.

I am not your demographic.

Your demographic is strung out
and desperately trying to fill the caves in their torsos
with sex.

On the other hand,
I work 40 paid hours a week making sure the world stays intact,

I bake birthday cakes,

I teach kids to read,

I volunteer for anyone who asks,
I clean up trash in the park,
I hand out hugs like napkins
(generously, and to help people pick up their spills-)

I do dishes,
I feed kitties,
I carry groceries,

and the girth of my hips

is as big as my smile

and has learned how to

hold doors open for those

who look like they could use a break.

I teach girls to fight for what they want

and I teach the men in my life

that maybe they don’t have to fight.

And I do this under the scorn

of the people who wear your clothing.

I know the distinct cut and kelly green

of the guy who MOOed at me from a car

as I ran down my street towards the track,

and I’m sorry to say,

maybe your problem with models

started further back than two weeks.

Or maybe, you,

like so many of your peers,

just don’t realize

you’ve expanded your line to a ladies size 14,

and this doesn’t make you “plus-size” friendly-

you are only finally clothing


In case you don’t know her,
let me introduce you to the modern lady liberty:

The average American woman
makes less than 30 grand a year,
masturbates at least twice a week - at least! -
has a crush on George Cloony, Johnny Depp, or that guy from Mad Men,
believes in gay marriage and my right to choose what happens in my nuclear reactors,
and doesn’t believe in prayer to save us now.
And while we can say
that we love the size of our breasts
and that we are comfortable naked,
even with the lights on-
on any given day in the United States,
approximately half of the women are on a diet.

Do you want to know why I’m mad, 
American Apparel?
Because my friend’s 9 year old daughter told me last week
that she’s happier with herself when she’s on a diet.
And I can’t help but feel like maybe
your request to find the next XLent model
might not be helping the situation.

But the worst
is how you accused the winner
of not showing her inner beauty, too -
Which is strange,
because the last I checked,
standing up to corporations
who tell women like me-
strong, smart, beautiful women who have spent their whole lives letting their self-loathing fill them further-
that we are meaningless and unwanted except as novelty
is the most beautiful and noble thing I can think of.
I can only imagine
you afraid of a world
in which you must be strong for yourself,
instead of weak for others.

Dear Iris Alonzo,
Dear American Apparel,
Dear fashion designing community,
I’m sorry you are afraid of my size…
I hope,
in the end,
it does not end up crushing you,

just bending you to your knees.


Incredible, incredible stuff. Big thanks to her for letting me share it. And many thanks as well to all of you who have sent me emails of love and support. I’ve tried to respond to each one, but I’m about 100-150 behind at this point. Please know that I DO read them. And love them. And many, many thanks to people who have reached out to interview me, talk about AmApp on podcasts, write about this situation, etc. I’m very happy that we’re all in this together (people still like High School Musical, right? That’s a thing? I slept through the second one) and, at the very least, that waves have been made. 

Later, gators.

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