"That's not our demographic."

My name is Nancy Upton. I'm a size 12 and wanted to show American Apparel my fresh face (and full figure). My good friend Shannon Skloss came over to take some "booty-ful" photos of me...but I just couldn't stop eating.

I came in first place in the AA 'Next BIG Thing' contest, but won't be modeling for the company any time soon.

You can find me on Twitter: @Nancyupton
Or email: nancyupton@gmail.com

LA Update

So- the slow as hell hotel internet has put a cramp in my original plan, which was to post videos on the blog while visiting LA. I thought it would be fun, and also, I’m very bad about forcing myself to write when I’m out of town (I’m looking at you, Middle East Politics homework).

I haven’t been able get any of the tumblr posts to upload while I’ve been here, and a gentle text from my Mother this morning (YOU NEED TO BLOG) encouraged me to download the tumblr iPhone app and do a quick update.

We go to American Apparel tomorrow at 10 AM. Tonight we’re going out with April Flores. :)

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