"That's not our demographic."

My name is Nancy Upton. I'm a size 12 and wanted to show American Apparel my fresh face (and full figure). My good friend Shannon Skloss came over to take some "booty-ful" photos of me...but I just couldn't stop eating.

I came in first place in the AA 'Next BIG Thing' contest, but won't be modeling for the company any time soon.

You can find me on Twitter: @Nancyupton
Or email: nancyupton@gmail.com

HuffPo Totally Gets It!

I’m very happy (and grateful) to see an article that so well articulates the fact that my entrance into this “contest” is me voicing my disapproval of American Apparel policy and NOT in any way a statement about the life of the plus-sized woman or the women who have submitted photos.

I very much appreciate the votes I’ve received- I thank everyone who took time out of their lives to do so. 

It seems like a good time to answer a question on peoples’ minds:

I most certainly would not model for American Apparel, because (pretty obviously) I don’t agree with their business practices. I also would not expect to be asked to do so, even if I receive a majority of the votes (something I never planned on). 

That being said, someone will. While I disagree with the message American Apparel is sending in the way they handled this competition, other people do not. They feel very passionately that it is an EXCELLENT opportunity either for their careers, or for plus-sized women in general. 

And I respect that opinion. If you feel the same way- either sharing those opinions, or supporting the people that have them, I encourage you to go vote for the women who are currently occupying the top voting slots, like Brittney W. of San Antonio or Tine S. from Belgium. Both are beautiful, talented, professional models who deserve a mainstream campaign, as are many MANY other women in the competition.

And I don’t just consider them to be beautiful, talented and professional for, you know, plus-sized women. I consider them to be beautiful, talented and professional PEOPLE. Size and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

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